About Lake Erie Cyclefest

Lake Erie Cyclefest is unique in that it's a true collaboration between three Erie nonprofits - EmergyCare, WQLN Public Media, and the YMCA of Greater Erie who decided to move their bicycle fundraising events to a single weekend. The goal is to create an overall event far superior to any one single ride.

Below is additional information on each nonprofit. Thank you for supporting EmergyCare, WQLN Public Media, and the YMCA of Greater Erie.

EmergyCare is Pennsylvania's largest non-profit ambulance service providing coverage across more than 5,000 square miles in Northwest PA and touching the lives of nearly 65,000 people each year. While saving lives is our primary mission, we provide much more than a ride to the hospital through a variety of other programs such as:
  • Non-emergency transportation to medical facilities for those in wheelchairs
  • Interfaculty transports for the most critically ill and injured who cannot be moved without stretchers, medications and medical personnel
  • Educational offerings for volunteer firefighters, medical office workers, daycare providers, those interested in EMS careers and the general public
  • Outreach programs for seniors, health fairs, safety days, career programs and school presentations
  • Ambulance standby services for large-scale community festivals, sporting events, and more.
  • Advocacy to positively impact the health, well-being and safety for the residents of our service area
EmergyCare receives no tax revenue from the communities we serve. As a nonprofit organization, we rely on community support in the form of donations and memberships as well as grant revenue to help us fulfill our mission.
WQLN Public Media
WQLN-TV 54 is Lake Erie PBS and much more.
  • WQLN-TV 54.1 is the Lake Erie PBS, featuring safe children's programming every day; PBS Primetime programming every Sunday through Friday evening; British Comedies on Saturday nights; and How-To programming Saturday afternoons.
  • WQLN-TV 54.2 is the Create network – a channel for busy DIY people who love to collect, cook, paint, decorate, and build.
  • WQLN-TV 54.3 is the World channel, featuring public television's top documentary, public affairs, and nonfiction programming.
  • WQLN-TV 54.4 is the all-new 24 hour a day, seven days a week all kids channel. Clifford, George, the Cat in the Hat are tour guides through television’s safest neighborhoods.
WQLN Radio 91.3 FM is the region's news, classics and jazz public radio station. WQLN Radio is affiliated with National Public Radio, Public Radio International, and American Public Media and airs more original hours of programming every week than any other radio station in the Erie market.

Daily news and interview programs provide listeners a window to the world with rigorous reporting and passionate storytelling. Our local public affairs programs promote awareness of the events and people that shape our community. Dedicated volunteers provide the majority of music programming on WQLN Radio, sharing their favorite musical artists with our listeners daily. Through these programs, WQLN Radio is a resource for the needs of the community and seeks to enrich the lives of community members while inviting a respectful exchange of ideas.

WQLN Educational reaches out to those vested in a child's education—parents, teachers, and the community at large—by providing family literacy workshops and community events that support education in the classroom and at home.
The YMCA of Greater Erie
The YMCA of Greater Erie is a leading nonprofit community resource providing services and programs in the areas of youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. Our cause is to strengthen community. We serve a diverse population of men, women, and children with an emphasis on families.

Deeply rooted in communities throughout Erie County, the Y works in partnership with like-minded organizations to collectively improve the quality of life of all citizens by aligning our priorities with our community's vision as identified by Erie Vital Signs.

Our membership is 21 million strong and spread across more than 2,600 Y associations nationwide. Here locally, our five membership branches, nine program centers and community outreach programs serve more than 35,000.

Our strength to deliver impactful programs and services come from our dedicated staff, volunteers and donors; a long-standing reputation of reliability and accountability; and fiscal responsibility.

The YMCA of Greater Erie devotes our full strength to the Y's mission and cause. We believe:
  • All people should be treated with caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.
  • All people deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential.
  • Community change can only come about when we work together.
  • In a holistic approach to wellness and promote a healthy spirit, mind and body
  • We exist to strengthen community today and in the future.
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